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version: 20 april 2021

postal address:
Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine
Goeman Borgesiuslaan 77
3515 ET Utrecht

If applicable, ‘Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’ can process / use your personal data in relation to services and/or products of ‘Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’ and / or because you provide and/or your computer provides this data to ‘Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’: at,, and/or (an) other (related) channel(s).

Below you will find an example overview of personal data that ‘Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’ can perhaps all or partially process:

  • Initial(s) and / or first name(s) and / or last name;
  • Idea(s)/prototype(s);
  • Name of Business(es) (registered trade name(s));
  • Date of birth;
  • Gender-related;
  • Address(es);
  • Phone number(s);
  • E-mail address(es);
  • IP address(es);
  • Location data;
  • Impersonal data about your activities at internet sites,, and Existzine published/Existcore serviced sites;
  • Internet browser(s) and device type(s);
  • Bank account(s);
  • PayPal account(s);

About special and / or sensitive personal data:

‘Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’ does not currently intend to collect data from website visitors under the age of 18 (biological physical age). Internet sites,, and/or published/serviced sites cannot currently check if a visitor is 18 years old or older.

If applicable, your personal data can for example be processed for one or more of the following things:

  • For correspondence related to Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine;
  • To call and / or e-mail you;
  • To introduce you (and your idea(s)/prototype(s) to (an) Existcore member company/companies.
  • To deliver (a) product(s) and / or (a) service(s) to you;
  • Processing your payment(s);
  • NL tax filing(s) for ‘Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’

How long ‘Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’ perhaps stores personal data, if applicable:

  • (Category) personal data / financial > ‘Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’ tries to save data as long as needed;
  • (Category) personal data / as a client > ‘Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’ tries to save data as long as needed > for example: if applicable for trying to deliver to you (a) service(s) and/or (a) product(s). And perhaps to send you (a) news item(s) and / or (a) promotional message(s);
  • (Category) personal data / as a possible client > ‘Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’ tries to save data as long as needed > for example: Perhaps to send (a) news item(s) and / or (a) promotional message(s) to you.

Sharing of personal data with third parties:

If applicable, your personal data in relation to ‘Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’,,,, Existzine published/Existcore serviced sites is perhaps shared with third parties. for example to provide you (a) service(s) and/or deliver you (a) product(s) and/or for the execution of agreement(s) and / or to comply with (any) legal obligation(s), excluding (a) beyond-control situation(s). Perhaps personal data is shared with tax authorit-y/-ies and / or other government authorit-y/-ies.

Internet site cookies and / or similar technologies that, if applicable, are used via,,, Existzine published/Existcore serviced sites:

‘Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’ internet sites,, and Existzine published/Existcore serviced sites use, if applicable, technical and / or functional internet cookies. An internet site cookie is a small text file that is stored on your internet site from your desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet (computer) or mobile phone (computer) with an internet browser at first visit. Internet site cookies that, existzine and Existzine published/Existcore serviced sites could use are then necessary for the technical operation of these internet sites and hopefully your ease of use. They ensure that these internet sites will hopefully work properly and will remember your preferred settings, for example. ‘Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’ could also adjust 'owned' internet sites in the future (or let it be adjusted) for better functioning. If possible for you, after visiting,, and/or (a) Existzine published/Existcore serviced site(s), you can delete all (internet site) cookie information that has been saved by your internet browser through ‘browser > settings’ from that same computer.

If you believe there is / are (an) issue(s) related to privacy at, sites/serviced sites/’Updaterre | Existcore | Existzine’, then perhaps that can be solved by sending a letter to postal address mentioned above.

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