Dear FAMILY-member,


You've 'landed' here and perhaps asked yourself: "What is this 'Existcore membership' about?"

Allow me to try to explain some intention for this membership to you?

Still here?


This idea for membership has to do with joined effort, co-creation & Community, with other words: "Doing things together as FAMILY-members".

A seemingly important thing to mention is that, if your company is accepted as member, you decide fair financial pay for your received Existcore invoice(s). (some more about this fair-pay model")

For Existzine publication 'Floralivity' ( (and perhaps future other publications) an intended choice for level 2 membership that momentarily has been made is: "moderated promotion of activities by Existcore member companies.

Some important matters with Existcore membership for companies:

  • membership level 1 and 2: 'business mainsprings' (what 'humanly' propels business?)

  • membership level 1 and 2: trying to use '(thinking) energy' to try to build upon and/or nourish what is already 'FAMILY Community'-oriented invented and/or inventing 'FAMILY Community'-oriented things that seem desirable

  • membership level 2: Existcore directory listing: membership-emblem to place on member company homepage with link to member directory at

  • membership level 2: If applicable, access to 'resumes with ideas' received via', from people / 'Existcore member companies'-related people

  • membership level 2: if it feels 'smart' to do so: trying to use 'resources' of fellow members, for example for efficiency (and effectiveness).

  • membership level 2: moderated option to have activities promoted/published at and perhaps future other Existzine publications

  • perhaps more to follow...
  • If you feel moved/called to apply, you are invited to try to use Existcore membership level 1 application form below:


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