Existcore membership - for BeNeLux companies (fair-pay*)

Dear FAMILY-member,

perhaps you have recently experienced 'big' challenges.

And now Our future... what will become reality for Us?

What course are We going together?

At Existcore approach is to try to go PEACE-course, with FAMILY Community.

For Existzine publications 'Floralivity' (floralivity.com) and 'United Holland' (unitedholland.com) (and perhaps future other publications) a choice that momentarily has been made is: "moderated promotion of activities by Existcore level-2 member companies". More about fair-pay* further below.

Intended benefits for Existcore member companies:

  • membership level 1 and 2: try to align business mainsprings (what 'humanly' propels business?) with earlier mentioned Existcore approach

  • membership level 1 and 2: trying to use '(thinking) energy' to try to build upon and/or nourish what is already 'FAMILY Community'-oriented invented and/or inventing 'FAMILY Community'-oriented things that seem desirable

  • membership level 2: Existcore directory listing: membership-emblem to place on member company homepage with link to member directory at existcore.com

  • membership level 2: if applicable, access to sent 'resumes with ideas' via resumewithidea.com by people / 'Existcore member companies'-related people

  • membership level 2: if it feels 'smart' to do so: trying to use 'resources' of fellow members, for example for efficiency (and effectiveness)

  • membership level 2: moderated option to have activities promoted/published at floralivity.com, unitedholland.com and perhaps future other Existzine publications

  • perhaps more to follow...
  • *) fair-pay: membership level 1 and 2: if your company is accepted as member, you decide fair financial pay for your received Existcore invoice(s). (some more about this fair-pay model)

    Apply for level 1 membership
    You are invited to try to apply for Existcore level 1 membership for companies BeNeLux via form below:


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